"Everyone messes up pronouns at some point, especially when people are learning," the singer says. "It's just all about respect.”

Demi Lovato is nothing if not honest about what she's going through, and now the singer, songwriter, and actor is opening up about a recent pronoun update.

During an episode of The Spout Podcast published Monday, Lovato, 29, discussed her decision to start using she/her pronouns again, in addition to they/them. "For me, it's just about, like, feeling human at your core," Lovato said. "Recently I've been feeling more feminine, and so I've adopted she/her again. But I think what's important is, like, nobody's perfect. Everyone messes up pronouns at some point, especially when people are learning. It's just all about respect."

Lovato came out as nonbinary last year and announced in an Instagram video that they would "officially be changing my pronouns to they/them moving forward." Lovato added, "I'm doing this for those out there that haven't been able to share who they truly are with their loved ones."

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato
| Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Lovato told Spout that when she came out as nonbinary, they weren't feeling particularly male or female, but just "like a human."

"So for me, I'm such a fluid person," Lovato said. "I felt like, especially last year, my energy was balanced, my masculine and feminine energy, so that when I was faced with the choice of walking into a bathroom and it said 'women' and 'men,' I didn't feel like there was a bathroom for me because I didn't feel necessarily like a woman. I didn't feel like a man. I just felt like a human. And that's what they/them is about."

You can listen to Lovato's full interview with The Spout Podcast below.

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