The actor and comedian added that his claims are "absolutely not a bit."

The Kids in the Hall

Dave Foley is a big sci-fi fan, as he demonstrated on the recent Kids in the Hall revival with sketches like "Doomsday DJ," which found him playing a post-apocalyptic radio host. But the Canadian actor and comedian had never had a close encounter before… until now!


On Wednesday, Foley tweeted about a recent experience that he couldn't quite explain. "After years of interest in the UFOs without ever seeing anything, I saw something," he wrote. He also included a drawing of the object, which he claimed to have seen in the night sky.

"It moved silently, at great speed, hovered and pulsated with light," Foley continued. "I should point out, the white lights were on the front of the craft, assuming that it was moving forward and those lights pulsated separately from the body of the craft, which also pulsated."

Dave Foley
Dave Foley
| Credit: Jeremy Chan/Getty Images

When asked if he was performing "a bit," Foley denied that he was fooling around. "Absolutely not a bit," he wrote. "Just sharing what I saw. Many people who have encountered the phenomenon are afraid to discuss it because of the thoughtless and uninformed derision it inspires. Many who do discuss it have had their lives ruined by that derision."

Regardless of his personal experience, Foley said, the phenomenon of UFOs "has moved beyond being an issue of belief. The significant amounts of data, acknowledged by the Pentagon and Congress, makes existence of ufo/uap phenomena an established reality."

Foley went on to recount that the sighting took place in January, close to Los Angeles, and lasted several minutes. He said the object was "the size of a Greyhound bus with no visible means of propulsion. That's what I saw."

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