Zendaya's mom
Credit: Timothy Noah/Twitter

The mother of all voting PSAs is here.

YourMomCares, a nonprofit led by a group of celebrity and influencer moms, shared a new video urging everyone to vote in this year's elections. The ad features the mothers of some very famous people, including Adam Levine's mom, Patsy; NBA star Chris Paul's mom, Robin; and Alicia Keys' mom, Terria.

"Voting is your superpower," Zendaya's mom, Claire, says in the video. "Don't waste it."

"Only vote if you care about breathing clean air, living in a safe place, and having a job that pays enough for you to have a happy life," says Sharon Feldstein — mother of both Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein.

"Don't make me call your mother," she adds. "Do they still have 411 information? Like, how do you get numbers now? I'm not sure. But like, I can call her. I'll find out."

This is only the latest get-out-the-vote effort from the Hollywood community, as stars are pulling out all the stops this year to encourage everyone to cast a ballot. Check out the full video above, and don't forget to request and return your ballot ASAP if you plan on voting by mail.

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