National Voter Registration Day
Credit: Sterling K. Brown/Twitter; Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images; Laura Dern/Instagram

Celebrities have been doing their part to get out the vote for decades.

From MTV campaigns to Rock the Vote to public proclamations on awards shows, stars have long urged their fans to register to vote and make sure their voices are heard at the ballot box. Tuesday marks National Voter Registration Day in the United States, and famous folks are getting creative with their efforts.

Kerry Washington drew her fans in with a steamy Scandal GIF, promising more info on a potential Scandal movie if followers clicked on a link — which promptly took them to When We All Vote, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing participation in elections.

Sterling K. Brown also took a unique approach, resorting to a thirst trap to get his fans' attention. Posting a shirtless photo of himself, Brown wrote, "Like what you see? There's more where this came from" with a link taking readers to

Others, like Laura Dern, took a more straightforward tack, simply posting a message directing followers to resources and urging them to register and vote. Dern posed in "Vote" masks with the rest of her iconic Jurassic Park trio, Sam O'Neill and Jeff Goldblum. "It's National Voter Registration Day!" she wrote. "Make sure you and your coworkers are signed up to vote. I did!! The future is voting. Link in my bio!!!"

Still others got in on a more widespread Good to Vote campaign, making announcements that if they reached a certain level of voter registration, they'd reward fans with new content. John Stamos promises never-bef0re-seen Full House footage if he gets 100 people to register, while Debra Messing will reunite with her Mysteries of Laura costar Josh Lucas on Instagram Live if 100 people take action. Perhaps most tantalizing of all? King of the movie F-bomb Samuel L. Jackson will teach us to swear in 15 different languages if 2,500 people participate in Good to Vote's recommended actions.

Some celebs taking part in the campaign have already hit their goals. Booksmart's Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein went live together on Instagram after 200 people registered to vote.

The campaign also brought Dickinson's Hailee Steinfeld and Anna Baryshnikov back together to bake a treat inspired by their AppleTV+ series.

Read on to see who else got in on the fun on National Voter Registration day.

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