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Vaccinated at last

In December 2020, the world breathed a sigh of relief as the first vaccines — first Pfizer's and later Moderna's — received emergency use authorization in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the vaccines are not available to everyone just yet, high-priority groups like health care workers and older adults have begun to take their shots. Among them are some of Hollywood's biggest stars, who are also encouraging others to get vaccinated when they are able. Here, EW takes a look at which famous faces have gotten coronavirus vaccines so far.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

The North remembers ... to get the COVID vaccine. Jonas Brothers middle brother Joe Jonas and Game of Thrones alum Sophie Turner bent the knee — or, more accurately, their arms — to show off their matching red band aids after the married couple got their shots. "Let's (NOT) Get It!" Jonas captioned the photo. 

Britney Spears

Britney Spears called her vaccination experience a "great success" on April 8, despite her worries going into it. "I felt nothing, I'm fine, and I hope I continue to stay fine," the pop star happily reported in a video with boyfriend Sam Asghari. 

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman referenced his famous superhero role, Wolverine, when he shared a photo while getting the vaccine. He also encouraged his followers to "get it!"

Mariah Carey

Music icon Mariah Carey nervously chattered as she prepare to get her first dose of the COVID vaccine. When the needle finally went into her arm, she let out a high-noted yelp. After, she encouraged others to get vaccinated too.

Naomi Watts

Oscar nominee Naomi Watts shared a fresh-faced photo of herself  sporting two bandages on her arm after receiving her dose of the vaccine.

"So glad to have finally got my jab 💉 Thanks to all the hardworking scientists and healthcare workers !!" she wrote in the photo's caption. "I cannot tell you how good it feels to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In this together!!"

Stars getting the Vaccine
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Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds announced his vaccination in a March 31 Twitter photo. His caption — accompanying a picture of a needle going into his arm — joked that the actor "finally got 5G." 

Stars getting the Vaccine
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Jessica Chastain

Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain celebrated her vaccine dosage on Instagram, telling her followers that "this is so much more than just a shot in the arm... it's our way to fight back against COVID, protect ourselves and keep those around us safe and healthy." She further stressed her belief in science to fight the pandemic, and urged fans to "listen to the experts" so that "life as we knew it" can return to normal.

Joan Jett

Legends being legends. The "I Love Rock 'N Roll" singer shared with her followers on March 11 that she had received the first round of her vaccinations.

Dolly Parton

Country music legend and all-around icon of decency Dolly Parton previously said she would wait a bit to get vaccinated, but her turn has apparently rolled around at last. On March 2, Parton posted a photo of herself getting the vaccine on social media, writing, "Dolly gets a dose of her own medicine" — a reference to the fact that she donated $1 million toward vaccine development at Nashville's Vanderbilt University last year. Good things come to those who wait.

Jonathan Van Ness

When New York expanded vaccine eligibility to include those with pre-existing conditions, Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness wasted no time in getting his. "In NY, where I'm working the vaccine program expanded to include people w pre-existing conditions, being HIV+ is one of the conditions that allows folks to be vaccinated, so if you're HIV+ please check your states guidelines to see if you're eligible and get vaccinated against covid-19!" he wrote on his Instagram. He continued, "Had I not been looking online everyday I wouldn't have seen, so def get involved with your search. This was my first shot and other than minor soreness in my arm had no side effects and will get my second shot in a few weeks. Each state has different guidelines so you'll want to look into yours."

Paul Stanley
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Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley is very happy to be fully vaccinated. The Kiss rocker shared with his Twitter followers that he received his second dose of the vaccine on Feb. 16. "So grateful and THRILLED. PLEASE, let's ALL stay safe as possible and continue to watch out for each other," he wrote.

Anthony Daniels

Listen to C-3PO. "Get vaccinated." Anthony Daniels, the Star Wars veteran behind the gold-plated protocol droid, urged his followers on social media to get vaccinated as he received the COVID-19 vaccine himself. "Droids don't get Covid," he wrote. "But humans do."

Jeff Goldblum

"Immense gratitude to all of the frontline healthcare workers, continuing to work tirelessly to keep us all safe," actor Jeff Goldblum wrote on Instagram next to a photo of him getting the vaccine. "As a citizen well into my platinum years, I got my first dose of the vaccine through the LA County Department of Health. I'll continue to wear masks and practice social distancing. This too shall pass. Grand things are ahead."

Jane Fonda

"Got vaccinated today! Yay!" actress Jane Fonda wrote in an Instagram post Feb. 1. And she promised "it doesn't hut." Fonda is soon to be honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Award, the Golden Globes lifetime achievement award for film.

Billy Crystal
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Billy Crystal

Beloved comedian and actor Billy Crystal headed to the Dodgers Stadium on Jan. 20 to receive his first dose of the Moderna vaccine. "I got the injection and a free scarf," Crystal later told Stephen Colbert during an appearance on The Late Show. "I was glad to get this first step towards hugging my kids and my grandchildren again. And I do have a pre-existing, underlying condition — which is terror. So, that was good that I got that."

Tyler Perry
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Tyler Perry

As part of a BET special titled COVID-19 Vaccine and the Black Community, film and TV mogul Tyler Perry received the coronavirus vaccine on camera to help destigmatize vaccinations. "If you look at our history in this country, with the Tuskegee experimentHenrietta Lacks and things like that, it raises flags for us as African American people. So I understand why there's a healthy skepticism about the vaccine," he prefaces, before explaining, "once I got all the information, found out the research, I was very, very happy."

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart shared a video of his experience on his Instagram account Jan. 22. In it, he receives the shot and thanks the health care worker who gave it to him, telling her she's "doing a great job." According to the actor, he waited in line for four hours to get his shot, but he said it was worth the wait. "In my 80th year, I am grateful and hopeful for better days ahead," he wrote in his post.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actor and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger reprised one of his most famous roles in his vaccine video, which he shared on social media Jan. 20. After he gets the shot, he encourages viewers to get theirs and quotes his Terminator character in the process. "Come with me if you want to live," he says.

Celebs who got Corona Vaccine
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Dan Rather

Thank you, science, indeed. Renowned journalist Dan Rather tweeted that he received his vaccine shot Jan. 19. "Thank you science. Thank you to all who have been working on the front lines," he wrote. "I still remember the godsend of the polio shot, a flashback of emotion sweeps through me again."

Al Roker

Ever the broadcast journalist, Al Roker got his vaccine on camera Jan. 19. "And just like that..I have gotten my first of two @pfizerinc #covid_19 shots at @northwellhealth #lenoxhillhospital Shoutout to my bro, @chrisroker who got his second shot at his hospital, @nychealthsystem," he wrote alongside the video.

Celebs who got Corona Vaccine
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Steve Martin

True to form, comedian and actor Steve Martin turned his vaccine announcement into a light joke. "Good news/Bad news," he tweeted Jan. 17. "Good news: I just got vaccinated! Bad news: I got it because I'm 75. Ha! The operation in NYC was smooth as silk (sorry about the cliché @BCDreyer!) and hosted to perfection by the US Army and National Guard. Thank you all, and thank you science."

Loretta Lynn

Country music superstar Loretta Lynn is ready to put COVID-19 behind her. The 88-year-old shared on her Instagram on Jan. 16 that her daughter had taken her to get the vaccine, and the trip gave the two some welcome mother-daughter time. "I'm sure glad to get it and am sure ready to put Covid in the rear view mirror!" she wrote in her post. "And I enjoyed the mom daughter time, too."

Celebs who got Corona Vaccine
Credit: Judy Dench

Judi Dench

On Jan. 14, Dame Judi Dench shared in an interview that she had recently received her first vaccine dose. "I had one a week ago so I think my next is something like 11 weeks' time, that's a great start!" the Oscar-winning actress said, according to the Daily Mail.

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Willie Nelson

Country music legend Willie Nelson got his vaccine Jan. 13. He spread the news on his Facebook page, where he shared a post from Family Hospital Systems that showed pictures of him flashing the thumbs-up sign with the caption, "Getting your COVID vaccine is Willie cool!" Nelson wrote in his post, "Get your shot! Take care of yourself and others."

Tony Bennett

Beloved crooner Tony Bennett shared the happy news Jan. 13 that he had received his first dose of the vaccine. Tagging the World Health Organization, Bennett shared in an Instagram post, "I received the first dose of the Covid 19 vaccination this week and am doing fine and encourage you to do the same!"

Celebs who got Corona Vaccine
Credit: Joe Biden/Twitter

President Joe Biden

New year, new president, newly vaccinated! President Biden shared on Jan. 11 that he received his second and final dose of the vaccine, and encouraged everyone to get theirs. "Just like the first dose, it was safe, quick, and painless," he wrote on Twitter. "I urge everyone to get vaccinated once it's your turn. Because only together can we save lives and beat this virus."

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart set the record straight in her post Jan. 11. "To allay your concerns that I jumped the line know that I am in the approved age group for this batch of vaccines and I waited in line with others," she shared on her Instagram. She also profusely thanked the staff at the Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mount Sinai Downtown, where she received her shot. "I am so proud of and grateful to the doctors, nurses and medical staff who are wading through the red tape and confusion of the distribution of these very important vaccines," she shared.

Celebs who got Corona Vaccine
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Judy Blume

Beloved author Judy Blume received her vaccine alongside her husband on Jan. 8. The duo got the Moderna vaccine in Key West, Fla., according to a tweet from Blume. "At last, something good about being 80+ and a 2 year Pan Can survivor (husb). No problems. Less of a sore arm than with flu shot," she shared.

Vice President Kamala Harris

Newly minted Vice President Kamala Harris got her first dose Dec. 29, and shared the occasion across her social channels to encourage the public to do the same. "I am incredibly grateful to our frontline health care workers, scientists, and researchers who made this moment possible," she wrote. "When you're able to take the vaccine, get it. This is about saving lives."

Ian McKellen

Dec. 17 was "a very special day" for Oscar-nominated actor Ian McKellen. In an Instagram post, he shared how lucky he felt to receive the vaccine. "Anyone who has lived as long as I have is alive because they have had previous vaccinations, the take up amongst the older generation will be 100% — it ought to be — because you're having it not just for yourself but for people who you are close to — you're doing your bit for society," he wrote.

Prue Leith

The Great British Bake Off host Prue Leith posted a pic of her getting her vaccine on Dec. 15. "Who wouldn't want immunity from #Covid19 with a painless jab?? #vaccine," she wrote in her caption.

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Famed composer Andrew Lloyd Webber was ahead of the curve when he got his vaccine Aug. 13. Webber took part in the U.K.'s Oxford vaccine trial. "Just completed the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine trial. I'll do anything to get theatres large and small open again and actors and musicians back to work," he shared in his post at the time.

Amy Schumer

Leave it to Amy Schumer to get the COVID-19 vaccine in style. Not only did she wear a shiny dress to get her shot, the comedian also put on a short stand-up set for the other people in the waiting area.

In the caption to her Instagram video, Schumer coined the hashtag #downtogown and encouraged fans to dress up for their shots as well as a "nice way to show respect to the people working there who understand the enormity of what it is they are doing."

Arsenio Hall (L), Danny Trejo (C) and former professional basketball player Magic Johnson
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Magic Johnson, Danny Trejo, Arsenio Hall

Three L.A. celebrities got the first of their vaccine shots together at the USC vaccination site. Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Danny Trejo, and Arsenio Hall then held a press conference together in which they encouraged other people to get their shots as well — especially residents of South L.A., an area that remains under-vaccinated despite its high rates of COVID-19 infection.

"I'm so proud to take this shot, and I know there's a lot, even in my neighborhood, there's a lot of tough guys that are talking about `you don't need no shot' but you know what, maybe your family does," Trejo said. "If you don't take it for yourself, take if for your family, because I want to keep my kids safe."