She's 40, bitch.

Four decades ago today, Princess of Pop and Sagittarian queen Britney Jean Spears came into the world.

The birthday girl's 40th comes at a significant moment, barely three weeks after a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled to terminate the conservatorship that controlled every meaningful decision in her life for the last 13 years. Obviously, a landmark birthday in her first month of freedom (and third month of engagement!) calls for a celebration of historic proportions.

If you are unsure of how best to commemorate this milestone, worry not! We at EW have helpfully compiled a list of 40 excellent ways to celebrate Brit's 40th. Happy partying to us all, and happy birthday, Britney!  

1. Listen to "Stronger" on repeat

3. Get your belly button pierced

4. Read up on your Brit-story, like the tale of the music video that started it all

5. Speaking of which: Wear pigtails! Start a pop revolution!

6. Send a heartfelt email! Everyone's been doing them

7. Try on all your off-the-shoulder crop tops and have a little fashion show, post the video on Insta

8. Go ahead and do it again — play with his heart! Get lost in the game!

9. While you're at it, teach yourself some intergalactic choreo:

10. Remember to wear your perfume

12. Sing your heart out with some Britney-oke. Here's a suggestion:

13. And another:

14. Tweet @Oprah to politely request an empathetic tell-all interview

15. Commit to denim on denim

16. Re-open your mind to low-rise jeans

17. Birthdays can be sad — sit with your feelings

18. Light a candle. Don't blow it out!

19. Paint a picture! Make it as abstract as you want!

20. Befriend a reptile

21. Casually conquer Las Vegas

22. Educate a friend about how underrated Glory is

23. Get in the holiday Spearit

24. Have a friendly debate over which song is Britney's best

(25. Conclude that it's "Toxic")

26. Kiss Madonna

27. Go to Starbucks

28. Visit the circus!

29. Caption everything 🌹🌹🌹

30. Embark on a road trip with your two childhood best friends to connect with your estranged mother, compose a profound ballad and fall in love with a mysterious hottie along the way

31. (Or just go watch the 2002 film Crossroads)

32. Give Britney Jean another chance — or at least listen to "Work Bitch" in the gym

33. Pop on over to D.C. for the first run of Once Upon a One More Time

34. Since you've got your suitcase packed, head to London from there to catch the Max Martin musical & Juliet on the West End

35. You're already in Europe. Swing by Saint-Tropez for a birthday treat with Cher!

36. Make plans with an old friend, arrive late, greet them with, "It's been awhile, I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting, but I'm here now"

37. Go blonde.

38. Dance through the apocalypse

39. Every time you walk up some stairs, stop halfway, turn around, allow a mischievous smile to creep over your face, and giggle before walking the rest of the way to the top. Take your time to complete this whole routine.

40. Do absolutely whatever the hell you want! Because now, at long last, at 40 years old, that's what Britney Spears is going to do. Happy birthday to an icon!

Britney Spears
Britney Spears
| Credit: AFP via Getty Images

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