“I opened up her door and I just fell down to the ground and just cried and laid there,” Snow said of her Pitch Perfect costar.

A decade after the Barden Bellas first harmonized, their friendships are still going strong. 

In a new Q&A, Pitch Perfect star Brittany Snow revealed that one of her former costars played a pivotal role in helping her through a tumultuous year. "The last year has been really tricky for me," Snow told Bustle. Calling the experience the "hardest mental health challenge" she's ever faced, she explained that in a matter of hours, her "life turned completely upside down."

Though she revealed no further details, Snow has filed for divorce from Selling the OC star Tyler Stanaland in January, four months after the couple announced their separation. 

"I was blindsided and everything I thought I knew, held sacred and truly trusted in my life was completely different," Snow said. "A couple days later my grandmother passed away and I think everything I knew about mental health was tested."

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"Thank God for my friends," Snow said. "I don't know if I would have made it without them. They reminded me who I was and the things I stood for."

While Snow didn't identify the Pitch Perfect costar by name, she revealed that "one of the girls" helped her through a low point. 

"I opened up her door and I just fell down to the ground and just cried and laid there," Snow said. "And she basically nursed me back to health for like four days."

The hit acapella franchise — whose stars include Snow, Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Hailee Steinfeld, and more — has spanned three movies and a spin-off, keeping the cast together on press tours and sets for years. And though they haven't reunited on the big screen since 2017's Pitch Perfect 3, Snow called their lasting relationships "legitimate and real."

"When you're promoting a movie, it's always like, 'Oh, we're all best friends and we all love each other' because that helps sell the movie. But in this case, we really were," Snow said. "We really did get to become close friends, if not family."

The X actress recently debuted September Letters, a mental health support and awareness book penned with co-author Jaspre Guest. Along with inspirational letters, notes and conversations, Snow's book includes a double-page spread dedicated to her Pitch Perfect castmates.

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