Candace Cameron Bure, John Mayer, Craig Ferguson, and more are honoring the late actor and comedian.

Bob Saget's friends, family, and colleagues are paying tribute to the late actor and comedian on what would have been his 66th birthday.

Four months after Saget's untimely death, his Full House and Fuller House daughter Candace Cameron Bure expressed her love and grief on Instagram, posting a photo of him and writing, "I miss you. Do I still say happy birthday? I don't know how this works, but I'm celebrating you today however badly my heart hurts." She also included a broken-heart emoji.

Caitlin McHugh Stamos, wife of Saget's longtime costar John Stamos, shared a photo of the three of them on her Instagram Story with the caption "Happy Birthday Bob."

Also marking the bittersweet occasion Tuesday was singer-songwriter John Mayer, a close friend of Saget's.

"Happy Birthday, Bob," Mayer wrote on Instagram. "We all miss you terribly down here. Though the days without you keep growing, so too does our grasp on everything we adore and admire about you, the love we learned to share because of your example, and the endless joy you gave at all times to the world around you."

He added, "I just wish so badly we were getting dinner tonight. I love you so much."

Saget's widow, Kelly Rizzo, commented on Mayer's post, noting how much she and her husband enjoyed spending time with him. 

"Love you John," she wrote. "And boy did he love you. And he'd love nothing more than dinner with you tonight and you two would be lost in deep conversation while I am just entertained by you both… and then we all order a big [sundae] or a plate of cookies while we make our next dinner plans. You'd always joke that you were the 3rd wheel but then I'd say I always felt like the 3rd wheel on Bob's dinner date with you ;)"

Rizzo shared her own touching dedication to Saget earlier in the day, writing, "I pray he can see all of the love he's already getting from around the world today. Honey, everyone loves you so damn much. Everyone wants you to know how important and special you are on your special day, and we ALL celebrate you. You are one of a kind and you certainly made my world go 'round."

Comedian and TV host Craig Ferguson tweeted Tuesday morning that "Bob Saget and I would always text each other on our shared birthday. No text this year. Happy Birthday Bob wherever you are."

And fellow funnyman Jeff Ross shared two photos of Saget along with a heartfelt message: "Happy birthday Bob. Wherever you are I hope you are celebrating with pastrami and martinis."

Saget died unexpectedly in January, from what was determined to have been the result of head trauma from a fall

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