Sally Field has been arrested while supporting Jane Fonda‘s climate change protest, and we are so here for icons supporting icons.

Field was arrested on the U.S. Capitol steps during Fonda’s 10th “Fire Drill Friday” which focused on the need for a “Just Transition” from our fossil fuel-based economy to one based on clean, renewable energy sources. As Field was led away in zip-tie cuffs on her wrists, she was seen smiling and even triumphantly held her tied wrists up in the air as the crowd cheered.

According to a statement from Fonda, “In a Just Transition to a clean energy economy, we need programs and policies that provide wage, benefits, pension and collective bargaining guarantees for workers and retirees who have devoted their entire lives to producing the fuel, electricity, and products responsible for sustaining America’s economic prosperity.”

Others in attendance for the protest on Friday included Winona Laduke, Michael Leon Guerrero, Sam Smith, Clint Sobratti, Kristin Taylor, Joe Uehlein, and Rev. William Barber.

“The ecological devastation of climate change hits people of color and poor low wealth people the hardest resulting in a crisis for families living in neighborhoods where one in four residents are victimized by cancer,” Barber says in a statement. “The intensified weather disasters created by climate change particularly devastates communities living in poverty, over 140 million Americans of all races. We can do better. We have more than enough in our existing federal budget to stop the scourge of climate change and create a just transition to good working jobs for those impacted.”

Sally Field
Credit: John Lamparski/Getty Images

Actress and activist Fonda has committed to showing up at the steps of the U.S. Capitol every Friday through January 2020 to stage a demonstration meant to draw awareness to climate change, and celebrities, scientists, economists, and people from impacted communities have been showing up each week, speaking out on the issue as well as getting arrested alongside her in solidarity.

Fonda plans to risk arrest again on Friday, Dec. 20, the day before her 82nd birthday, and expects to be held in jail overnight. But she will refrain from risking arrest until then in order to avoid what she has been advised might be a 30 to 90-day jail sentence. Her supporters believe she will be more effective in sounding the alarm about climate change if she remains active on the outside and so they will continue to take up the baton and face arrest for civil disobedience.

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