For the third Friday in a row, Jane Fonda was arrested at the U.S. Capitol during a demonstration to bring more attention to climate change, this time alongside The Good Place star Ted Danson.

This week, the ongoing protest focused on saving the ocean from pollution; ocean experts including Greenpeace’s John Hocevar spoke about how global warming and pollution are inhibiting the ocean’s ability to provide the oxygen and protein needed by ocean life and humans.

According to the Twitter account Fire Drill Fridays, which has been chronicling the Grace and Frankie star’s climate change awareness efforts, Fonda and Danson were part of a larger crowd chanting “Get in Motion, Save our Ocean”. The account followed up with a photo and video of the stars with their hands zip-tied by police.

Fonda and Danson were among 32 people reportedly arrested Friday for allegedly unlawfully demonstrating in the intersection of East Capitol and First Streets; Fonda was arrested last week under similar pretenses with her Grace and Frankie costar Sam Waterston.

Fonda initially revealed the “Fire Drill Friday” moniker in an interview with the Washington Post where she announced her move to Washington, D.C. as part of this effort, stating “we’re going to engage in civil disobedience and we’re going to get arrested every Friday.”

The 81-year-old actress and activist has been open about how indigenous groups and young climate change activists including Greta Thunberg have inspired her actions, her support of the proposed Green New Deal, and her longterm plans to demonstrate every week into January 2020.

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