Felicity Huffman‘s sentence has been served. The Desperate Housewives actress was sentenced to 14 days in jail for her role in the college admissions scandal. Huffman reported to the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, Calif. on Oct. 15, and EW has confirmed that Huffman has now been released from prison. She would have completed her sentence on Sunday, but prison policy allows for prisoners due to be released on weekends to leave a little early.

Huffman’s representatives did not respond to EW’s request for comment.

Credit: JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP/Getty Images

Huffman was one of many wealthy parents caught up in the “Operation Varsity Blues” investigation by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts earlier this year. According to court documents, Huffman agreed to pay $15,000 to William Rick Singer, whose Key Worldwide Foundation (KWF) hired various people to take tests on behalf of students who had falsified medical forms saying they needed extra time to take their ACT/SAT tests individually. Singer has been cooperating with the government’s investigation.

Huffman pleaded guilty in May. At her sentencing hearing in September, Huffman said that after her arrest, her daughter Sophia (for whom she had broken the law to try to secure a high-profile college admission), “I don’t know who you are anymore. I could only say, ‘I am so sorry, Sophia. I was frightened. I was stupid and I was so wrong.’” After Judge Indira Talwani sentenced her to 14 days, Huffman said in a statement, “I accept the court’s decision today without reservation…I broke the law. I admitted that and I pleaded guilty to this crime. There are no excuses or justifications for my actions. Period.”

Earlier this week, Lori Loughlin (the other famous actress caught up in the cheating scandal) was given a third superseding indictment that charged her and husband Mossimo Giannulli with conspiracy to commit federal programs bribery in addition to mail fraud and money laundering. A court date has not yet been set for her.

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