Justin Bieber; Tom Cruise
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Justin Bieber is headed straight into the danger zone.

In a rather strange tweet that seemed to come out of nowhere, the pop star challenged actor Tom Cruise to a fight on Sunday evening.

“I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon,” Bieber wrote. “Tom if you dont take this fight your scared and you will never live it down. Who is willing to put on the fight? @danawhite ?”

First: Why?

Second: There are probably a few other reasons Cruise might reject this opportunity other than being scared. He might think a celebrity boxing match is rather silly or beneath him, for instance. Or he might be busy doing just about anything else. Or perhaps he realizes that his best outcome from this is simply beating up Justin Bieber which is something he probably didn’t wake up Monday morning wanting to do anyway.

As for Bieber asking who is willing to host such a fight, the answer is probably just about anyone with a backyard, really.

The Mission: Impossible star has not commented on the throw-down challenge.

Some stats: Bieber is 25 years old, 5’9″, and reportedly 146 pounds.

Cruise is 56 years old, 5’7″, and anywhere from 148 to 170 pounds depending on what source you read.

Yet most seem to think Cruise — who regularly trains to stay in peak physical condition and does many of his own stunts in his films — would wipe the floor with the “Baby” singer.

Fighter Conor McGregor has offered to host the bout and took aim at Cruise noting the fight would happen if the actor is “man enough to accept this challenge,” adding, “Does Cruise have the sprouts to fight, like he does in the movies?”

In other words: This is Cruise’s mission, should he choose to accept it.

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