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Dan Levy wants you to know there has not been a movie made about his life.

The Schitt’s Creek star’s father, Eugene Levy, was one of the stars of 1999’s American Pie, which went on to be a huge hit and launch an entire movie franchise. But the film’s popularity wasn’t necessarily appreciated by the younger Levy.

“It was strange. I wish I was more confident back then because I really would’ve owned it, but I was really insecure and I didn’t like the attention,” Dan says in the upcoming LGBTQ special issue of Entertainment Weekly. “I was dressed to go to the premiere of American Pie and a friend of mine had seen a sneak preview of it and was like, ‘Do not see that with your parents.’ And I backed out.”

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His story lines up with what his father told EW last year.

“My son, Daniel, was 15 when American Pie came out. I invited him to come to the premiere and he was all excited,” said Eugene, who co-created Schitt’s Creek with Dan. “But then the day before, he said, ‘I think I’ll wait to go with my friends.’ Later, he confessed a friend had told him that it would be really awkward. When I went to the premiere, I was so glad because I realized that is exactly what would have happened.”

But escaping the premiere wasn’t the end of Dan’s Pie woes.

“Having that movie come out while I was in high school, I got a lot of idiots saying, ‘Ooh. Is that a story about your life?’ And in my mind I was, ‘I would kill to have a life that’s interesting enough to turn into a movie. No, thank you. And no, I didn’t f— a pie.’”

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