Pauley Perrette
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Pauley Perrette spent Wednesday night at the hospital, but she is currently on the mend.

In an Instagram post on Thursday morning, the former NCIS star posted a photo of herself hooked up to an IV but with a brave smile on her face.

“Well this was my night! No worries, clean bill of health,” she told her followers. “Just a chance to wear a beautiful gown!”

Although she did not disclose the reason for the hospitalization, the emergency caused her to miss attending the upfronts presentation for her new CBS show Brokein New York City.

Representatives at CBS did not immediately reply to EW’s request for comment.

Series costars Jaime Camil and Natasha Leggero were in attendance supporting the upcoming mid-season comedy about Perrette’s character Jackie, whose life is turned upside down after her rich sister Elizabeth (Leggero) and her sister’s trust fund-dependent husband Miguel (Camil) move in with her.

Broke is Perrette’s first new series since leaving NCIS last year after playing Abby Sciuto for 15 seasons.

“I think Pauley had a lot of choices,” Leggero told PEOPLE during upfronts on Thursday. “She was very passionate about doing a comedy. She really wanted to do a family comedy. I know those two things for sure.”

Camil added about Perrette, “I think she fell in love with the writing. It’s brilliant. Of course, the backbone of every project is the book. So, she fell in love with the book. She waited one year to pick the right project — as you know, she’s a global, massive star. One of the most beloved American actresses in this country. So, the fact that she chose us makes us very happy.”

Perrette was also hospitalized earlier this month after falling down at home while trying to retrieve a food delivery.

“Slipped and fell down my concrete stairs tonight getting my pizza delivery,” she exclaimed May 7 on Twitter. “Ouch! Concrete slide!”

We hope nothing was, well, broke.

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