Quincy Jones, Peggy Lipton
Credit: Twitter/Quincy Jones

In an emotional Twitter post, acclaimed music producer Quincy Jones paid tribute to his ex-wife, actress and former model Peggy Lipton, who died last week.

"There is absolutely no combination of words that can express the sadness I feel after losing my beloved Peggy Lipton… My wife of 14 years," he wrote. "We shared many, many beautiful memories, and most importantly, we share two incredible daughters… Pie (Kidada) and Doonkie (Rashida)."

Lipton, who is best known for the 1960s police series The Mod Squad as well as her role on David Lynch's cult favorite Twin Peaks, died from cancer at the age of 72 last week. Her daughters announced the news in a statement to the Los Angeles Times. Jones and Lipton divorced in 1990.

"Regardless of the paths that our lives took us on, I can say with the utmost certainty, that love is eternal," Jones' tribute continued. He also thanked his fans for "all the love and support."

The tribute also included a photo of Jones and Lipton together, as well as a statement from their daughters, in which the two also thanked fans for their support and encouraged well-wishers to donate to Seasons Hospice Foundation.

Jones and his prolific music career are the subject of the Netflix documentary Quincy, which daughter and former Parks and Recreation star Rashida directed.

Lipton also spoke of her ex-husband for the film, which hit the streaming platform in September.

"My mom is so empathetic towards my dad, but it also was incredibly raw for her to go through what she went through and admit that the relationship didn't work out," Rashida told EW last year. "But because they still know and love each other, I think that really helped."

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