By Lexi Vollero
May 09, 2019 at 08:37 PM EDT

Two months after his dad’s death, Luke Perry‘s son Jack “Jungleboy” Perry paid tribute to his dad in the most epic of ways — in the wrestling ring.

Scream star David Arquette joined Jungleboy for a wrestling performance at the Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles for Bar Wrestling’s “It’s Gonna Be May” event and dedicated it to the Beverly Hills, 90210 and Riverdale star, who died in early March after suffering a stroke in February.

Credit: Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic; YouTube; Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

In a March 6 Instagram post following his father’s death, Jungleboy praised his father as a source of inspiration and endless support, as Perry frequently attended his son’s wrestling matches. His emotional tribute also promised, “I’ll do whatever I can to carry on your legacy and make you proud.”

In this triumphant return to the ring, he did just that.

Jungleboy arrived with his wrestling prowess on full-display, looking powerful with a full mane of blond curls and a leopard-print coat, ready to take on a tattooed Arquette, who rocked an eccentric, rainbow candy-print ensemble.

Earning himself the nickname “Candy Man,” Arquette attempted to become the fan favorite by dousing the crowd in candy between rounds and daringly raised the stakes by downing Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola.

Arquette took quite the beating from the professional wrestler, enduring a dropkick, gutwrench powerbomb and a swift kick to the throat. There was a momentary glimmer of hope where it appeared he may have the upper hand, but it left as quickly as it came and ended with Jungleboy holding him in a match-ending three-second pin.

After the fact, Arquette somehow managed to regain his composure and made a beeline for the microphone to praise the victor and celebrate his late father. “I loved your father dearly. I love you,” said Arquette as his voice broke before the two brought it in for a sweaty hug.

Perry later reciprocated Arquette’s affection via Instagram, saying, “Family forever. I love you @davidarquette. Thank you for everything.”

But the event was far from water works — just as quickly as it shifted, the men turned back to their rowdy roughhousing. The duo made the ultimate grand exit from the ring as Jungleboy dove on top of Arquette, quite literally taking his breath away, and finished him with an elbow smash to the back, leaving him in a heap at the crowd’s feet.

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