Credit: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock; Steve Granitz/WireImage

Where has Adele been since dropping her 25 album in 2015? Apparently hitting up gay bars with bestie Jennifer Lawrence.

At Pieces Bar in New York City Friday night, the celebrity pair set fire to the rain, they Sky-fell on the dance floor, they rolled in the deep, and turned tables. All of that.

Gail, which is what Lawrence calls her party persona, came out with the “Hello” Grammy winner at the gay bar in Greenwich Village during a drag show hosted by drag queen The Brita Filter.

Patrons were floored to see the A-listers play games, including musical shots, which Adele lost and was promptly tackled to the ground by Lawrence for it.

“How could you lose!” the Oscar winner shouted.

The mistress of ceremonies offered to let Lawrence participate, though Adele exclaimed, “She’s f—ing engaged. You’re not even relevant to be here!”

“That has nothing to do with my drinking abilities,” Lawrence, who got engaged to Cooke Maroney in February, is seen saying.

See photos and videos from the late-night shenanigans below.

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