By Henrique DaMour
February 14, 2019 at 04:21 PM EST
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

You can’t say Kanye West doesn’t go big.

It’s hard to expect anything less from the rapper, who orchestrated a grand gesture for wife Kim Kardashian on Valentine’s Day. As the reality star and mogul documented on Twitter, West surprised her with saxophone legend Kenny G serenading her in their vacant (but very acoustically friendly) living room.

The visual aspect created by the roses dotting the floor is incredible as well, even if it probably makes G’s journey out of the living room much more difficult. But arguably the best thing that one could screengrab/make into a Kanye-themed Valentine’s Day GIF is the brief cameo by West at around the 0:23 mark of the video. His smile seems to genuinely stem from joy at seeing his wife so surprised and happy.

And while some might search for a broader Kanye X Kenny collaboration meaning behind this gift, for now it should be enjoyed for what it is: Kanye showing his wife how much he loves her on this special day like only Kanye can.

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