People Alec Baldwin, New York, USA - 23 Jan 2019
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Alec Baldwin pleaded guilty Wednesday to a charge stemming from an alleged altercation over a New York City parking spot.

The SNL and Mission: Impossible – Fallout actor admitted to a second-degree violation of harassment.

Other, more serious charges related to the dispute — such as attempted assault — were dropped.

He agreed to take part in a short-term anger management program and pay $120.

Baldwin reportedly admitted to pushing a man he says took his parking spot on Nov. 2. But his lawyers have said surveillance video evidence would disprove the man’s claim that Baldwin had also punched him. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office reviewed the video and spoke with witnesses and agreed to the lesser charge, according to New York’s ABC 7.

The actor was arrested after a driver pulled into a parking space that one of Baldwin’s relatives was saving for him and the two started arguing.

For now, we can all imagine Baldwin participating in anger management classes, which seems like something out of an SNL skit.

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