Tom King's 'Vision' series, James Robinson's 'Scarlet Witch' book, and more 'WandaVision'-related comics are headed back to press.

Never doubt Wanda Maximoff's power to change reality. Her starring role in the Disney+ series WandaVision didn't just dominate pop culture discourse for the past few months, it also has created a huge run on many of the most relevant Marvel comics featuring Scarlet Witch and the Vision.

EW has confirmed that Marvel has been going back to press for new print runs of Vision by Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Scarlet Witch by James Robinson and various artists, and Vision and Scarlet Witch by Steve Englehart and artists like Don Heck and Bill Mantlo, among other comics. House of M, the 2005 event series in which Wanda changed the entire reality of the Marvel Universe to one where her adoptive father Magneto ruled over mankind, had its print stock depleted "almost overnight" in the wake of WandaVision's premiere.

Credit: Marvel Studios; Marvel Comics

It makes sense: If you read EW's WandaVision recaps, then you know House of M came up a lot. There were several visual and thematic references to it (as well as the other aforementioned comics) throughout WandaVision, though the series still managed to tell its own story.

All of these comics are always available to read on digital comics services like Comixology or Marvel Unlimited, but you'll have to wait a little longer for print editions to be available again.

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