Title will mark 10th anniversary of Kirkman's Skybound company.

By Clark Collis
April 13, 2021 at 12:00 PM EDT
Rick Grimes for new comic 'Skybound X'
Credit: Skybound

In the universe of The Walking Dead, it's rarely good news when the dead come back to life. But here's one reanimation about which fans of writer Robert Kirkman's comic can be happy.

Kirkman announced Tuesday that Walking Dead hero Rick Grimes, whose comic version was killed off in 2019, is being revived for for a five-issue, limited comic book series called Skybound X, which marks the 10th anniversary of Kirkman's Skybound company.

"Surprise! Did you REALLY think we would let Skybound's 10-year anniversary pass us by without bringing back some of our favorite characters?" said Kirkman in a statement. "We are forever thankful for our community's support over the past decade and are honored to share this special series with the larger Skybound family. None of these characters have such monumental journeys without the fans, so SKYBOUND X is for all of you!"

The story featuring Grimes will continue a whimsical, non-canonical adventure included in Walking Dead #75 which revealed that aliens were responsible for the zombie plague. Skybound X will also include the first comic book appearance of Clementine from The Walking Dead video game.

In addition to Kirkman, Skybound X features contributions by Ryan Ottley, Tillie Walden, Donny Cates, Joshua Williamson, Chip Zdarsky, James Harren, and Daniel Warren Johnson. It will include new stories from the worlds of Assassin Nation, Excellence, and Manifest Destiny.

Skybound X #1 will be available at comic book shops and digital platforms on July 7.

See the cover of Skybound X #1 above.

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