Author thinks someone should should "tell Jason's side of the story."
Stephen King; FRIDAY THE 13TH
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Plenty of Stephen King's novels and short stories have been adapted for the big screen. But the bestselling author has revealed that there is one movie character he would love to see become the protagonist of a book. On Sunday, King wrote on Twitter that he toyed with the idea of writing a tale about Jason Voorhees, the homicidal slasher icon of the Friday the 13th franchise.

"The best novel idea I never wrote (and probably never will) is I JASON, the first-person narrative of Jason Voohees, and his hellish fate: killed over and over again at Camp Crystal Lake," tweeted King. "What a hellish, existential fate!"

"Just thinking about the legal thicket one would have to go through to get permissions makes my head ache," King wrote in a subsequent note. "And my heart, that too. But gosh, shouldn't someone tell Jason's side of the story?"

Finally, King suggested, "Blumhouse could do it as a movie."

King's idea was welcomed by several notable horror-loving folk.

"Never cared for Jason, but it is an interesting idea," wrote author Joe Lansdale.

"Aaaaaaaand... I want this novel RIGHT NOW," wrote comedian Patton Oswalt. "Let's do one of those Ace paperback 'doubles.' My half will be either LEATHERFACE: HOW TO MAKE AN AMERICAN QUILT or MICHAEL MYERS: BABYSITTERS, CLUBBED."

"Curious, as it's always overlooked..." wrote Ted Geoghegan, director of the 2015 horror movie We Are Still Here. "Are you factoring in that Jason only dies once (he's a living, breathing human until the end of THE FINAL CHAPTER), and is then a zombie for the remaining titles?"

The last film in the series to be released was 2009's Friday the 13th, which starred Jared Padalecki and Derek Mears, who played Jason Voorhees. In recent years, the franchise has become the subject of a legal battle between Victor Miller, who wrote the original 1980 film, and that movie's producers.

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