Stephen King's terrific new story collection If It Bleeds (out April 21) is comprised of three novellas and a novel. Of the novellas, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone further highlights King’s ambivalent attitude toward technology (see also his novel Cell and Kindle-centric novella UR) in a tale about the benefits and dangers of burying someone with their favorite Apple product; Rat finds the author returning to the subject of the hardships endured by, well, authors, and centers on a writer striking a Faustian bargain so he can finish his book; and The Life of Chuck is a story of choreography and global catastrophe — told backwards!

The titular novel, meanwhile, details a solo adventure for King's OCD-suffering sleuth Holly Gibney (memorably portrayed by Cynthia Erivo in HBO’s recent adaptation of The Outsider) who is drawn into danger after becoming obsessed with a vanishing mole on a TV news reporter’s face.

All of that should be enough to whet the appetites of King fans. But, just in case, Uncle Steve has just released a video of his good self reading the first chapter of If It Bleeds. You can watch that clip above.

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