August 10, 2020 at 11:00 AM EDT
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Colin McPherson/Corbis via Getty Images

If you read Rodham, you know that Curtis Sittenfeld is no stranger to writing a sex scene. The author wrote her own reimagining of Hillary Clinton's life and career — what would have happened if she had left Bill Clinton before they even got married — and the book (a New York Times bestseller that is set to become a Hulu series) included a few, shall we say, creative liberties about what went on between Rodham and Clinton behind closed doors. The internet, being the internet, took notice. And Curtis Sittenfeld took notice of the notice.

Sittenfeld's latest short story, Breeze Point, was inspired by a Times story about two pandas who spent 10 years together in captivity and then finally mated after Covid-19 forced the zoo's closure (and provided the ultimate privacy). It's also a cheeky nod to the interest in Rodham's sex scenes.

The story is part of Pushkin Industries’ newest podcast, The Chronicles of Now, which features works of fiction inspired by the news, from the likes of Carmen Maria Machado, Roxane Gay, and Colum McCann. Breeze Point is narrated by the inimitable Rachel Dratch — you can listen to the story below.

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