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SHUT. UP. Princess Mia is back!

For many millennials, Princess Mia was a welcome voice of levity and relatability, first on the page as created by author Meg Cabot, and then, on screen when adapted into two beloved Princess Diaries films starring Anne Hathaway as the combat-boot wearing princess and Julie Andrews as her royal grandmother.

Now, just when the world seems impossibly bleak, Princess Mia is back -- via the gift of Cabot's pen. On Tuesday, Cabot posted the first Corona Princess Diaries entry on her author website/blog, and she's shared a new entry each day since (though has noted she plans to take the weekend off to "decipher the princess's handwriting").

"Hi, everybody! I hope you’re all safe and healthy during this difficult time. Weirdly, entries from Princess Mia Thermopolis of Genovia’s diary* have fallen into my hands, and as the Princess’s royal biographer, it’s my duty to share them with you," Cabot wrote in the introduction to the first of these missives, before adding, "Please keep in mind that as with any diary, the princess is only recording her thoughts at the given moment, and has had no copy editing. Also, both the Princess and I are aware that this is a serious and rapidly developing crisis."

Cabot also included a note thanking health care workers, first responders, and all those working to keep us healthy and safe. She also shared a link directing people to their local feedback if they want to help.

The new entries to Mia's diary have focused largely on her handling of the coronavirus situation in her fictional principality of Genovia. As Mia struggles to do what's best for the nation (i.e. close all restaurants, bars, ban cruise ships, etc.), she must also deal with her always challenging family. Husband Michael is in self-isolation after exposure at the hospital where he does research, while Grandmere is typical Grandmere, defying social distancing protocol and inviting Floridian spring breakers to crash in the palace.  Mia's half-sister Olivia, from Cabot's Middle School Princess middle-grade series also makes an appearance.

This is the first time readers have been able to substantially catch up with Mia since 2015's Royal Wedding, the 15th entry in the Princess Diaries series and first adult novel.

You can find all the entries for the Corona Princess Diaries at Cabot's website, and give yourself a welcome dose of escapism replete with tiaras and Mia's signature hilarious voice.

Thank you, Meg Cabot, for being here today.

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