By Christian Holub
November 16, 2020 at 03:03 PM EST
Credit: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic; Dark Horse Comics

Patton Oswalt has made no secret of his love for superhero comics. Those who weren't already aware of the actor and comedian's nerdy interests will soon be able to catch him in Marvel's M.O.D.O.K. on Hulu, a stop-motion series in which he'll voice the titular supervillain, who's perhaps the weirdest-looking character in either the Marvel or DC pantheons. But these days, DC and Marvel aren't the only purveyors of superhero stories. Dark Horse's Black Hammer comic has already inspired a host of spin-offs and prequels just in the last few years since it launched, building a full-fledged superhero universe. EW can exclusively report that Dark Horse will be bringing more creators into the Black Hammer universe with the new anthology series Black Hammer: Visions, the first issue of which will be written by Oswalt.

"As much as I love writing in the world of Black Hammer, it's nothing compared to the thrill of seeing creators I admire bringing their voices to these characters that Dean and I created," writer Jeff Lemire, who co-created Black Hammer with artist Dean Ormston, said in a statement.

Black Hammer began with the premise of five superheroes being stuck in the mundane real world in the wake of a massive crossover, forced to make do on a farm for years. In the years since, there have been spin-off comics focused on specific characters, such as the shape-shifting extraterrestrial Barbalien or the space-exploring Colonel Weird.

Each of Black Hammer: Visions' eight issues will be a one-shot story by a different creator, focusing on different characters or subjects within the world. Planned contributors include Geoff Johns, Chip Zdarsky, Cullen Bunn, Kelly Thompson, Mariko Tamaki, and Cecil Castellucci. Oswalt's issue will focus on the character Golden Gail, a Shazam-like hero who used to have a magic word that could transform her from normal human to immortal superhero; ever since she and her comrades ended up on the farm, however, Gail's been stuck in an immortal young girl's body with all the tastes and bitterness of an old woman.

"Getting to explore just one of the endless byways of the massive world of Black Hammer was a nerd-romp of the highest order," Oswalt said in a statement. "I can't wait for you guys to read this!"

Black Hammer: Visions #1 will hit comic shops Feb. 10 and is available for pre-order now. Below, check out the three different covers for the first issue.

Credit: Dark Horse Comics
Credit: Dark Horse Comics
Credit: Dark Horse Comics

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