After 10 seasons of killing zombies and capturing viewers' hearts on The Walking Dead, star Norman Reedus is adding "author" to his résumé — and EW has an exclusive look at the cover of his debut novel.

The artwork for The Ravaged features cherry-red lips, a lit cigarette, and flames. In other words, it looks like something Reedus' TWD character, Daryl Dixon, would want to pick up… if he wasn't too busy trying to survive the undead apocalypse.

Written by Reedus with Frank Bill, The Ravaged is described as a "fast-paced, up-in-your-face" story about three different people on personal quests with eerily parallel outcomes.

Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus
| Credit: Luke Fontana

The first character, Jack, heads to South America with nothing but his demons and a backpack after losing his family. The second, Hunter, travels to California and discovers a secret past after his father dies in a mysterious fire. And the third, 17-year-old Anne, flees Tennessee after her older brother attacks her, and makes her way to Alabama with her best friend.

Last year, Reedus teased on Friday Night in With the Morgans that he was working on a book, but not a memoir or Hollywood tell-all like some might expect. "I've been approached about that for a long time," he said, "but I just don't want to incriminate any of my friends. If I wrote a book about myself, there would be a lot of people knocking on my door to beat me up."

He added that his fiction book would be "a story of hope and growing up."

The Ravaged is slated to publish April 5, 2022. Check out the cover below.

Norman Reedus
'The Ravaged,' by Norman Reedus with Frank Bill
| Credit: Blackstone Publishing

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