The Box In The Woods

The 2021 book slate just got a lot more exciting. Maureen Johnson, the New York Times bestselling YA writer, will release another novel, EW can exclusively announce. Her beloved Truly Devious series was, by all accounts, going to end as a trilogy, but the fourth book in the series will hit shelves next April.

The Box in the Woods follows protagonist — and sleuth — Stevie Bell yet again, this time while she's home for the summer and very, very bored. She receives a request from the owner of a summer camp (Sunny Pines Sleepover Camp, formerly known as Camp Wonder Falls) because they believe they're the subject of pranks related to a decades-old unsolved murder at the camp.

Disguised as a counselor, she heads to the camp to investigate, with her friends from Ellingham Academy in tow. Naturally, things don't go quite as planned (think: murder).

That's all we can reveal for now, but check out the just-released cover above, and mark your calendars for April 6, 2021.

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