Matthew McConaughey reveals how he became a hand model in an exclusive excerpt from the audiobook of his memoir Greenlights.
Matthew McConaughey
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There's a lot to love about Matthew McConaughey. His personality. His unique way of speaking. His acting talent. His ability to drive a Lincoln. And also ... his hands.

In an exclusive excerpt of McConaughey narrating the audiobook for his memoir Greenlights, he details how he ended up chasing a career as a hand model. He reveals that after going on many failed auditions during his film school days, the first gig he landed was not for a beer commercial or music videos but actually as a hand model. "[Local talent agent] Donna Adams had told me upon signing that I had good looking hands," McConaughey says in the excerpt. "And if I quit biting my nails, I might have a future in the hand modeling business. She was correct. I've never bit my nails since."

Listen to the full excerpt below to learn more about his hand modeling past, how (and why) he negotiated solid C grades for his entire film school career, and more:

McConaughey announced the news of his memoir earlier this summer. "Ever since I learned to write, I've been keeping a journal, writing down anything that turned me on, turned me off, made me laugh, made me cry, made me question, or kept me up at night," the actor said in a video message to his social media followers. "Two years ago, I worked up the courage to take all of those journals off into solitary confinement just to see what the hell I had, and I returned with a book."

As for how he settled on the title Greenlights? "It's the story about how I have — and we all can — catch more of them in this life we're liven," McConaughey said. "You see, we don't like the red and yellow lights because they take up our time, right? But when we realize that they all eventually turn green, that's when they reveal their rhyme. That's when life's a poem and we start getting what we want and what we need at the same time. And I call that the honey hole, a little place called Heaven on earth."

Greenlights, published by Penguin Random House Audio, is available now, along with the hardcover and ebook.

Audio excerpted courtesy Penguin Random House Audio from Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey, narrated by the author.

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