Meet the immortal half-god known as Berzerker.
Keanu Reeves
Credit: BOOM! Studios

Keanu Reeves has entered the world of comics. Makes sense. It seems like the next logical step after he conquered movies and video games.

The John Wick star wrote his very first comic book, Boom Studios' BRZRKR, on which he collaborated with co-writer Matt Kindt (Folklords), artist Alessandro Vitti (Marvel's Secret Warriors), colorist Bill Crabtree (BRPD), and letterer Clem Robins (Hellboy). It doesn't seem like a coincidence that the lead character, an immortal warrior, looks just like Reeves, too.

This guy, known only as Berzerker, is half-mortal, half-god. Throughout the ages, he's been compelled toward violence. Now, in the modern world, he finds his place working for the U.S. government to fight the battles too dangerous for anyone else. For his service, Berzerker will be granted the truth about his existence, including how to end it.

Print versions of BRZRKR #1, featuring cover art by Rafael Grampá (Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child), will be released in local comic shops this October.

"I have loved comics since I was a young kid and they have been a significant influence on me artistically," Reeves said in a statement. "To have the chance to create BRZRKR and collaborate with legends in the industry like writer Matt Kindt, artist Alessandro Vitti, color artist Bill Crabtree, letterer Clem Robins, and conceptual/cover artist Rafael Grampá — along with the great folks at Boom Studios — is a dream come true."

In addition to starring in movies like Bill & Ted Face the Music and popping in for a voice role in Toy Story 4, Reeves also recorded a performance for the upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077, set for release this November.

"The best collaborations have each partner bringing something unique to the table," said Kindt. "With BRZRKR we mixed a potent cocktail of all the things that we love: the tale of an immortal warrior laced with history, conspiracies, spirituality, and a gigantic helping of bonkers action and violence — all with intense purpose and ultimately a heartbreaking discovery."

A virtual panel will be held for Comic-Con@Home to preview more on July 26 at 11 a.m. PT.

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