If you need an escape during quarantine, the Bridgerton novels of Julia Quinn might be just the ticket.

A best-selling romance author, Quinn sat down with EW to talk about her latest release, First Comes Scandal, a Bridgerton prequel. But Quinn also discussed the highly-anticipated Netflix adaptation of the original Bridgerton novels. As part of the first offerings from Shonda Rhimes' deal with Netflix, Bridgerton is set to premiere later this year.

Filming wrapped for the series in late February, and Quinn is hopeful that coronavirus shutdowns won't end up delaying the show. "It's moving along," she said. "We really were fortunate that filming wrapped before the pandemic, because that would be the part that would be the most disrupted. They are digging in on post-production right now, and I think it's going really well."

Quinn also reflected on her excitement for the series, for everything ranging from Julie Andrews' casting as gossip Lady Whistledown to the extravagant costumes. "I was blown away; it's so good," she said. "It's not a word-for-word adaptation, and it shouldn't be. They're interweaving a few new stories and different stories, but the heart of this season is the story of The Duke and and how they did it and how they structured it, is just brilliant."

The author was able to visit the set during filming twice, and exclusively shared a photo of her visit with EW.

Julia Quinn
Credit: Courtesy Julia Quinn

The events of First Comes Scandal take place decades before the story of the television series. The novel follows Georgiana Bridgerton, a young woman who finds herself in a difficult position when a suitor abducts her for her dowry. Her long-time friend and literal boy-next-door Nicholas Rokesby steps up to marry her, figuring it's one solution to her rather abhorrent problem. But he never expects her to say no.

The final Bridgerton prequel offers all the attendant humor, banter, and romance we've come to expect from Quinn's books. In the interview, Quinn discusses everything from her desire to explore the world of 18th-century medicine on the page to why she wanted to write a virgin hero. Quinn also urges readers to shop indie bookstores for the new release and is offering signed editions from her local shop, University Bookstore in Seattle.

Watch the video above for more from Quinn.

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