Listen to Seinfeld talk about the Seinfeld years and more in two exclusive audiobook excerpts from Is This Anything? 

jerry seinfeld
Credit: James Dittiger/NBC; Simon & Schuster

Jerry Seinfeld, the man with the show about nothing, has just released his first book in 25 years about something: a series of jokes he wrote throughout his career, with delectable intros that go inside what his mindset was like over those decades. What could top that news? Kramer's Muffin Tops? Aim higher. Seinfeld has narrated the audiobook version of Is This Anything?, making his intros before every chapter of the book feel like fresh stand-up material.

EW has two exclusive excerpts of the audiobook below, from chapters “The Nineties” and “The Double O’s.” In “The Double O’s,” Seinfeld looks back at his post-Seinfeld life in the early 2000s. Seinfeld says “I felt lost, and wanted to.” His intention was to come up with whole new material, a project that was frightening but all the more worth it. “I still want to be that," Seinfeld says in the clip while discussing watching Chris Rock do stand-up at the time.

In an interview with EW before the release of Is This Anything?, Seinfeld spoke about his inspiration to write the book today. "When I was young, I was starving to try to figure out this world we live in," he says. "I couldn’t figure out how these [comedians] were doing this, or what [the industry] even was, but I just loved it. So I wanted to leave a trail for young people. I thought it might be a nice thing to leave a written document of my work, for whatever value it might have to other young comics."

Is This Anything? is available now.

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