The book is also being developed as a Netflix series.

Jeff VanderMeer
Credit: Ditte Valente

The news cycle may be chaotic right now, but we've got book news to offer a balm — especially for Jeff VanderMeer fans. The best-selling Annihilation author will be releasing another deliciously dark tale, this time covering everything from conspiracy theories to endangered species. Hummingbird Salamander will hit shelves April 6, 2021, and EW is exclusively revealing the cover:

Credit: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

The tome follows security consultant "Jane Smith," who receives a mysterious envelope with a key to a storage unit and a note that leads her to discover a taxidermied hummingbird and salamander. The note was written by a dead woman who was once an ecoterrorist, and Jane accidentally sets in motion a series of events that put herself and her family in danger.

Hummingbird Salamander is also set to be a television series, with Academy Award-winning manager-producer Michael Sugar developing the show for Netflix. "Just as he did with his celebrated, best-selling book, Annihilation, Jeff VanderMeer proves again that his ability to create worlds of tension and beauty is unparalleled," Sugar tells EW. "Hummingbird Salamander is a profound exploration of climate change and ecoterrorism, the rare work of fiction that acts as both a mirror and a harbinger for the realities of our world. We're thrilled to be partnered with Jeff and can't wait to share his creation with the masses."

Hummingbird Salamander is available for preorder  now.

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