I Was Better Last Night will hit shelves in March 2022.
I Was Better Last Night by Harvey Fierstein
'I Was Better Last Night,' by Harvey Fierstein

Harvey Fierstein has seen it all — whether it's from his vantage point as a legendary gay-rights activist, the view from the Broadway stage thanks to his work in shows like La Cage aux Folles and Kinky Boots, or his years of experience in Hollywood. And now he's sharing some of what he's seen, and learned, with readers. His memoir I Was Better Last Night will publish March 1, 2022, and EW has your first look at the stunning cover above (plus a peek at the spine, featuring a few of his most iconic characters).

The book will follow Fierstein's career from his early days doing community theater in Brooklyn, and he'll share stories that he hasn't told even his closest friends. There's promise of sex, romance, and excess in addition to poignant reflections on his own struggles and conflicts. Oh, and it will of course be funny.

"I have completely outlived every fantasy I ever had about what my life could be," Fierstein tells EW in a statement. "I've also crashed and burned more times than most would think survivable. Oh, well. At least I didn't sit life out on the sidelines. I never thought I'd spill my guts but, when COVID locked me in with my computer, I figured I'd amuse myself and give this a try. Well, here is the outrageous, juicy, scary, and mostly true result of my efforts. Actors and writers use their talents to hide who they really are. With this memoir I guess I am saying farewell to all of that. This is me."

I Was Better Last Night is available for preorder.

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