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Gary Janetti has been busy in the pandemic — he created his own show (the HBO Max Royal Family satire The Prince, for which he also voices young Prince George), made daily visits to Bradbucks for months, and wrote another essay collection. Start Without Me (I'll Be There in a Minute) hits shelves on April 26, 2022, and EW is sharing the first look at the cover.

Start Without Me
Credit: Henry Holt and Company

"It's about all the things I learned and didn't learn and that still bother me," Janetti tells EW of his follow-up to 2019's Do You Mind If I Cancel? Start Without Me will regale readers of all of Janetti's highly entertaining pet peeves — things like being forced to participate in gym class, bad hotel rooms, and missing his favorite TV shows. "Most everything was wonderful," he writes of his past. "It was only tiny, little things."

The book is set to be just as caustic and side-splitting as his previous essays and current Instagram memes, but Janetti also aims to reach people who don't quite fit in with the ways of the world, promising a bit of heart along with his poison pen.

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