Emily St. John Mandel
Emily St. John Mandel
| Credit: Sarah Shatz

Like the many New Yorkers who stayed in the city throughout the height of the pandemic, Emily St. John Mandel had a lot on her mind. In perfect Mandelian fashion, she harnessed the very specific combination of fear, malaise, and existential crisis that was 2020 into a beautiful new novel — meet Sea of Tranquility.

Coming right off the heels of last year's The Glass Hotel, Mandel's latest book will be published on April 19, 2022. According to her publisher, Knopf, it's a story of time travel that probes many aspects of reality; it follows a time traveler and an author who lives on a moon colony and visits Earth for a book tour, with story lines spanning from British Columbia in 1912 to the aforementioned outpost on the moon in 2041.

"I spent the entirety of 2020 in New York City," Mandel says in a statement. "This is the kind of book that happens when you're working in a soundscape of constant ambulance sirens."

Jenny Jackson, Mandel's editor at Knopf, notes the book's uncanny ability to use science fiction to reveal essential human truths: "She captures the moment we are living through with devastating emotional precision — I read this book with my heart in my throat, and I know others will too." 

While the book won't hit shelves until next year (preorders are available here), EW is offering an exclusive first look at the cover.

"Knopf has always published my work with such care and attention to detail, and I was delighted when they sent me this jacket art," Mandel tells EW. "It conveys a sense of mystery and atmosphere that I think beautifully reflects the book."

Sea of Tranquility
Credit: Knopf

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