Joe Hill's 2019 comic Basketful of Heads is getting a new follow-up series from writer Rio Youers and artist Tom Fowler.
'The Conjuring 3' cast and director find the love in horror

What is dead may never die, and DC Comics isn't finished with horror.

Just over two years ago, EW broke the news that author Joe Hill (N0S4A2, Locke & Key) was heading a new line of horror comics for DC. Called Hill House Comics, the line included comics from Hill himself, but also brought in other creators like Carmen Maria Machado and Mike Carey. The initial run of Hill House books — Basketful of Heads, The Low Low Woods, The Dollhouse Family, Daphne Byrne, and Plunge — have concluded by now, but hopefully horror fans are ready for more. EW can exclusively announce that Basketful of Heads, originally written by Hill with art by LEOMACS, is getting a new follow-up series with an even more horrific title: Refrigerator Full of Heads.

"I knew the axe from Basketful of Heads wouldn't stay at the bottom of the Atlantic for long," Hill said in a statement. "I was goofing on possible sequel ideas with the novelist Rio Youers and he pitched me a gonzo-action-horror story that would make Sam Raimi weep happy tears of blood. I can't wait to see Rio and wunderkind artist Thomas Fowler stacking some cold ones in the fridge. This one is going to be a ride."

Written by Youers and with art by Fowler, Refrigerator Full of Heads will bring readers back to Brody Island, years after a mysterious axe unleashed violent havoc during the 1983 hurricane detailed in the previous book. Vacationing couple Calvin Beringer and Arlene Fields quickly find themselves face-to-face with some of Brody's more unsavory aspects: On top of that axe, there's also a new sheriff in town, new visitors, and a dangerous Great White Shark spotted off the coast. Check out the first cover below (by artist Sam Wolfe Connelly) for a sneak peek of the horrors that await.

DC's Hill House Comics horror line returns with 'Refrigerator Full of Heads'
Credit: Sam Wolfe Connelly for DC Comics

"I love horror and I've been skirting around the edges of it in my work for a number of years now," Fowler, who previously illustrated Books of Magic for DC's Sandman Universe line, said in a statement. "It's been a blast just letting it in and seeing where it takes me. I mean, in what other book will I ever get to write into the margins of the layouts, 'bits of face and skull peel and unfold Midsommar-style'? Let alone one about refrigerator maintenance?"

The first issue (of six) of Refrigerator Full of Heads hits stands on Oct. 19, just in time for Halloween. Other DC horror offerings this fall include a comic based on The Conjuring franchise and a new series called Soul Plumber by The Last Podcast on the Left hosts Marcus Parks, Henry Zebrowski, and Ben Kissel. There might even be more still waiting in the wings.

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