The company is celebrating its LGBTQ characters, new and old.

DC Comics has a lot in store for this year's Pride month, it revealed on Tuesday. The iconic comics publisher will once again be publishing a one-shot DC Pride 2022 anthology issue this June, but is also launching several other books. Some of these stories focus on brand-new LGBTQ characters, while others look at long-time superheroes who have only recently embraced their LGBTQ identity.

DC Pride 2022 will feature an introduction from Supergirl star Nicole Maines, including a tease of her upcoming comic. It will also feature stories about Alysia Yeoh and Batgirl by Jadzia Axelrod and Lynne Yoshii; Aquaman (Jackson Hyde) by Alyssa Wong and W. Scott Forbes; Green Lantern (Jo Mullein) by Tini Howard and Evan Cagle; Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy by Dani Fernandez and Zoe Thorogood; The Ray by Greg Lockard and Giulio Macaione; the new Superman (Jon Kent) by Devin Grayson and Nick Robles; and Robin (Tim Drake) by Travis Moore.

DC Pride Comics
The main cover for 'DC Pride 2022' (left) and an alternate cover by Jen Bartel (right).
| Credit: DC Comics; JEN BARTEL for DC Comics

Pride Month will also see the launch of new DC comics that will continue throughout the year. First and foremost among these is Poison Ivy by G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel, Invisible Kingdom) and Marcio Takara. First created in 1966, Poison Ivy has long stood in opposition to the patriarchy, but has recently been explicitly depicted as LGBTQ in high-profile stories like the Harley Quinn animated series. This new six-issue comic will tell the story of Ivy leaving Gotham City and delivering "a gift to the world that will heal the damage humanity has dealt to it."

DC Pride Comics
The cover to 'Poison Ivy' #1 by Jessica Fong, out this June.
| Credit: JESSICA FONG for DC Comics

Another new series launching in June is Nubia: Queen of the Amazons by Stephanie Williams, Alitha Martinez, and Mark Morales. True to its title, this four-issue comic will see the Black Amazon officially take the throne of Themyscira. Then there's the DC Pride: Tim Drake Special, which will collect the character's coming-out story from Batman: Urban Legends with a brand-new story that sees Tim teaming up with his former Young Justice teammates and the Batgirls. That one-shot comic hits stores on June 14.

DC Pride Comics
The cover of 'Nubia: Queen of the Amazons' #1 by Khary Randolph.
| Credit: Khary Randolph for DC Comics
DC Pride Comics
A variant cover for 'DC Pride: Tim Drake Special' by Travis Moore.
DC Pride Comics
The Pride variant cover for 'Superman: Son of Kal-El' #12 cover by David Talaski.
| Credit: DAVID TALASKI for DC Comics

In addition to all these new issues, DC is also publishing new comic collections in time for Pride Month, including a Batman: Urban Legends collection (out May 24) and the first collection of Superman: Son of Kal-El, including the issue where its titular hero came out as bisexual (out May 31). On July 5, DC will also publish the Doom Patrol by Rachel Pollack Omnibus. Though Grant Morrison is still thought of as the definitive Doom Patrol comic writer and the major influence on the live-action show, he was succeeded by Pollack, a trans writer whose work on the series has long been out of print.

DC Pride Comics
'Doom Patrol by Rachel Pollack Omnibus' will collect the first run on the superhero book by a trans writer.
| Credit: DC Comics

Check out the full list of DC Comics' Pride Month plans here.

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