Author V. Castro's book will chronicle the background of the Xenomorph-battling space marine.

Few people have really stood up against the Xenomorphs in the Alien franchise but Aliens character Private Vasquez is most definitely one of them. EW can exclusively reveal that the backstory of the character, who was played by Jenette Goldstein in James Cameron's film, will be detailed in a new book titled Aliens: Vasquez and written by V. Castro (The Queen of the Cicadas). Titan Books will publish the book on October 25.

Aliens: Vasquez is set to explore the canonical background of Vasquez, as well as the story of the children she was forced to leave behind. Even before the doomed mission to Hadley's Hope on LV-426, Jenette Vasquez had to fight to survive. Born to an immigrant family with a long military tradition, she looked up to the stars, but life pulled her back down to Earth — first into a street gang, then prison. The Colonial Marines proved to be Vasquez's way out — a way that forced her to give up her twin children.

Raised by Jenette's sister, those children, Leticia and Ramon, had to discover their own ways to survive. Leticia by following her mother's path into the military, Ramon by entering the corporate hierarchy of Weyland-Yutani. Their paths converge on an unnamed planet which some see as a potential utopia, while others would use it for highly secretive research. Whatever humans have planned for it, however, Xenomorphs will turn it into a living hell.

Exclusively see the cover of Aliens: Vasquez below.

Aliens Vasquez by V. Castro
'Alien: Vasquez' book cover
| Credit: Titan

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