Aftershocks: Dispatches from the Frontlines of Identity by Nadia Owusu
Credit: Sceptre

Everyone's life can be measured in ways wholly unique to them — career changes, romantic relationships, familial trauma. Nadia Owusu sees her own experience as a series of aftershocks: some literal (actual earthquakes), some metaphorical (the divorce of her parents, the death of her father), and others landing somewhere in between. The framing device is the inspiration for her forthcoming memoir, in which she explores the geopolitical, geological, and psychological traumas that have marked her young life.

Aftershocks follows her childhood spent in countries across Africa, Europe, and finally in the United States, living with her civil servant father (whose job had them constantly on the move) and occasionally visiting her estranged mother. In the memoir's present-day, Owusu lives in New York City, working as an urban planner and fighting a crippling depression. It's heavy, to be certain, but Owusu's flowery prose — and the sheer fascination that her global childhood evokes — keep it from the brink.

The memoir will be on shelves January 12, 2021, but EW is exclusively revealing its very first book trailer below.

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