DC Comics has removed an image from social media promoting the upcoming comic book Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Childafter it sparked controversy in China with some claiming it offered subtle support for Hong Kong protestors.

Credit: DC Entertainment

The promo features Carrie Kelley as Batwoman preparing to toss a fiery Molotov cocktail, a weapon used by protesters against police, with the words “The Future Is Young” emblazoned in hot pink in the background. For the past six months, Hong Kong has been in a state of civil unrest as citizens demand greater autonomy from mainland China.

The comic book, set to be released on Dec. 11, was written by the legendary Frank Miller and illustrated by Brazilian artist Rafael Grampá. The controversial artwork will reportedly remain in the comic book when it’s released, according to Deadline.

DC Comics’ decision to remove the image from their official social media accounts has created a counter-protest, with many claiming the company is self-censoring to avoid a Chinese boycott.

EW reached out to DC Comics for comment.

The Golden Child focuses on Jonathan Kent, the son of Wonder Woman and Superman, who is said to be so strong and so powerful he could destroy the planet. His older sister is Lara teams up with Kelly to battle the bad guys in Gotham.

“The possibilities for what he could be just started coming to mind like crazy,” Miller previously told EW. “I thought the contrast between him and Lara could be really exciting. Lara has so much power and passion, so for the little boy to embody all of the wisdom and intelligence of the Kryptonian race would be an exciting new dimension.

“He really sort of developed as a little floating Buddha, someone who when he wasn’t even a toddler yet was speaking in full sentences and had an understanding of events that surpassed anybody else’s. He’s the most magical member of the family.”

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