By Christian Holub
Updated May 30, 2019 at 04:28 PM EDT
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Tony Robbins’ path has been cut short. The famous self-help guru had been planning to co-author a book called The Path: Accelerating Your Journey to Financial Freedom with financier Peter Mallouk serving as co-author. But now a source at Simon & Schuster has confirmed to EW that the publisher will not proceed with the publication of The Path.

The cancellation comes in the wake of an extensive, multi-part investigation by BuzzFeed News into the inner workings of Robbins’ world. Based on conversations with multiple insiders and witnesses, often backed up by documentation or recordings, BuzzFeed’s report described multiple instances of inappropriate behavior from Robbins, including: Berating domestic abuse survivors and blaming them for their experiences in front of on-lookers; making unwanted sexual advances towards female employees; telling “attractive” women in the crowd at his events to meet up with him privately; and using racial slurs like the n-word. Robbins and his lawyers have vehemently denied or contested every accusation.

A representative for Robbins said in a statement Thursday that the book was to be written by Mallouk with “contributions” from Robbins. The statement continued, “As Mr. Mallouk has publicly stated that while his book was in the works, contractual terms were never reached nor finalized with its planned publisher.”

Robbins and Mallouk previously co-wrote another financial advice book, Unshakeable, in 2017. Mallouk is the president of wealth management firm Creative Planning, where Robbins was hired as chief of investor psychology in 2016. In the wake of the allegations, Creative Planning has severed ties with Robbins, though Mallouk said in a statement the split had already been in the works.

“We’ve been negotiating an exit for six months,” Mallouk said in a statement. “The parting between Tony and Creative Planning was imminent regardless and it was a mutual decision and amicable.”

This story has been updated with a statement from a representative for Robbins.

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