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Over their 20-year career, Tegan and Sara have sold more than a million records and won several awards. Now the iconic indie band and twin sisters are adding a memoir to their lengthy list of accomplishments.

The book is called High School, and it tells their coming-of-age story: growing up in Alberta, Canada, grappling with their sexuality, and facing the pressures of adulthood as the end of adolescence loomed. “Written in alternating chapters from both Tegan’s point of view and Sara’s, the book is a raw account of the drugs, alcohol, love, music, and friendship they explored in their formative years,” the synopsis reads. “A transcendent story of first loves and first songs, it captures the tangle of discordant and parallel memories of two sisters who grew up in distinct ways even as they lived just down the hall from one another. This is the origin story of Tegan and Sara.”

“How did you start your band? When did you know that you were gay? What were you like before Tegan and Sara? We have spent 20 years answering those complicated questions with simple answers,” Tegan and Sara said in a statement upon the book’s announcement. “Writing High School gives us the opportunity to tell the intricate stories that shaped our relationship as sisters, musicians, and queer girls.”

Tegan and Sara have exclusively shared the gorgeous, unique cover for High School with EW. Designed by Na Kim, it features a mirror-like surface. “Tegan and Sara have such a unique relationship with their fans, so it felt natural, and even necessary, for the cover to be interactive,” Kim tells EW. “The reflective mirror allows their fans to see themselves in the book and to contextualize High School via their own experiences. It also serves as a nod to Tegan and Sara’s duality, and to high school as a time of reflection and self-discovery.”

Tegan and Sara add: “The cover of High School reflects (literally) the complicated truth of our adolescent struggle to define ourselves inside and out.”

Below, you can see the cover, as well an exclusive GIF that indicates the interactivity of the cover. High School publishes Sept. 24 and is available for pre-order.

High School by Tegan and Sara CR: MCD × FSG
Credit: MCD × FSG
High School GIF

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