By David Canfield
March 08, 2019 at 02:39 PM EST
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

David Hasselhoff has just met his match: A CIA agent who looks just like him.

Okay, let's back up: We're talking about Up Against the Wall, the new Audible original series which stars Hasselhoff as himself, circa 1989, set to play a sold-out show in West Berlin to a packed house of fans. On the other side of the wall is his doppelgänger: CIA agent Nick Harper, who's in town to prevent a terrorist plot. His identity is compromised before long, but fortunately, he's protected as long as he goes along with a lie: that he's David Hasselhoff, idol of the East Berliners.


Suitably intrigued? Confused? Us too. We've got an exclusive clip of Up Against the Wall, which you can listen to above, for a better sense of exactly what this Hoff-centric production is. "But I have to admit — he was a pretty good actor," Hasselhoff narrates. "He had to be, because Nick Harper was a spy. And while I'm busy performing in stadiums before thousands, he is in a secret, secure room, unseen by anyone."

Hasselhoff's comments on the clip to EW are also appropriately enigmatic: "Fact or Fiction? you decide. I guess its not easy being me and being a spy. Hope you enjoy the Berlin Brick Road."

Take a listen above, and learn more about Up Against the Wall, which is now available for listening, on Audible.