By David Canfield
March 08, 2019 at 02:39 PM EST
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Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

David Hasselhoff has just met his match: A CIA agent who looks just like him.

Okay, let's back up: We're talking about Up Against the Wall, the new Audible original series which stars Hasselhoff as himself, circa 1989, set to play a sold-out show in West Berlin to a packed house of fans. On the other side of the wall is his doppelgänger: CIA agent Nick Harper, who's in town to prevent a terrorist plot. His identity is compromised before long, but fortunately, he's protected as long as he goes along with a lie: that he's David Hasselhoff, idol of the East Berliners.

Credit: Audible

Suitably intrigued? Confused? Us too. We've got an exclusive clip of Up Against the Wall, which you can listen to above, for a better sense of exactly what this Hoff-centric production is. "But I have to admit — he was a pretty good actor," Hasselhoff narrates. "He had to be, because Nick Harper was a spy. And while I'm busy performing in stadiums before thousands, he is in a secret, secure room, unseen by anyone."

Hasselhoff's comments on the clip to EW are also appropriately enigmatic: "Fact or Fiction? you decide. I guess its not easy being me and being a spy. Hope you enjoy the Berlin Brick Road."

Take a listen above, and learn more about Up Against the Wall, which is now available for listening, on Audible.