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Credit: Katie McCurdy

Jenny Slate is ready to tell you some Little Weirds.

The actress and writer is set to publish her new book, which was first announced back in 2017. Witty and at times fantastical, Little Weirds is a nonfiction collection tinged with magical elements, one that Slate teases is an expression of her “truest voice.” As EW reported back when Slate signed her new book deal, it explores “what it’s like to be female in a misogynistic culture.”

Slate caught up with EW to discuss Little Weirds, starting with the title. “The title explains exactly what is inside the book: It is a an expression of my truest voice, a tour of my inner world, and all of it is made of small, odd pieces,” she says. “I started to call them ‘Little Weirds’ as a way to honor the pieces but not label them traditionally.”

The author wrote the book while traveling the world, and mostly just as the sun was rising. “I wrote this book all over the globe, mostly in the early mornings. The early morning is when I feel the most like myself: joyful and hopeful and full of things to say,” she says.

Below, EW can exclusively reveal the cover for Little Weirds. Slate says of the idea behind the design, “I asked for an image that was fun but not immature, for an image of a celebration of plurality and curiosity and beauty and pleasure. I asked for both a brontosaurus and a hamburger. I asked for a little bit of everything. I think we got it just right.”

See the cover below. Little Weirds publishes Nov. 5 and is available for pre-order.

Credit: Little, Brown, and Company

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