By David Canfield
February 27, 2019 at 03:46 PM EST
Credit: Leonardo Cendamo/Getty Images; Knopf Doubleday

Fifty years ago, Jurassic Park and Westworld originator Michael Crichton first emerged as a household name with The Andromeda Strain, a groundbreaking technothriller which introduced the terror of a global pandemic to popular culture. Now, a sequel is finally on the way.

EW has confirmed that HarperCollins will publish The Andromeda Evolution this fall, a collaboration between best-selling sci-fi author Daniel H. Wilson (Robopocalypse) and the company CrichtonSun LLC. (Crichton himself died in 2008.) It’s an official sequel to Strain, which depicts the fallout of a deadly alien organism’s unleashing in a small New Mexico town. Details on what readers can expect beyond this, however, remain sparse.

“Michael’s first benchmark novel, The Andromeda Strain, was ahead of its time in both subject matter and how it was presented to the reader,” Sherri Crichton, CEO of CrichtonSun LLC and Crichton’s widow, said in a statement. “It’s exciting to be shining a spotlight on the world that Michael so brilliantly created and to collaborate with Daniel Wilson. This novel is for Crichton fans; it’s a celebration of Michael’s universe and a way to introduce him to new generations, and to those discovering his worlds for the first time.”

“As a lifelong fan of Michael Crichton, it’s been an unbelievable honor to revisit the iconic world that he created and to continue this adventure,” added Wilson. “It’s a testament to Crichton’s genius that the originality of The Andromeda Strain is just as exciting and relatable now as it was on the day it was first published.”

HarperCollins will publish The Andromeda Evolution on Nov. 12.

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