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A new year, a new batch of red-hot upmarket thrillers, to be scarfed down on subways, by fireplaces, beneath full moons. You know the type: those post-Gone Girl glossy hardcovers filled with so much bad behavior and so many nasty plot turns that they’re all you can talk about by the time you’ve finished and finally caught your breath.

One 2018 title that fits the mold is The Woman Inside, whose author and backstory have remained a mystery — until now. EW can exclusively introduce the minds (yes, plural) behind the debut written under the pseudonym E.G. Scott: Liz Keenan, a publishing-industry veteran, and Greg Wands, a screenwriter. They’ve penned a dark tale of spouses Rebecca, an opioid addict working as a pharma sales rep for a sleazy boss, and Paul, carrying on a sordid affair. We learn in unreliable first-person chapters that two young women go missing, and dead bodies later pile up. The mystery throws these bitter spouses back together. As to who can be trusted, and who may be a killer, all is revealed in the book’s jaw-dropping final pages.

Woman resembles past smashes like The Girl on the Train and The Woman in the Window. Keenan used her 18 years of experience helping authors and reaching readers. “Being on the other side now is a bit of Alice Through the Looking Glass,” she says. “I drew from many conversations with authors and editors I’d worked with over the years, which always boiled down to the essentials: telling the story and being disciplined.”

Both authors are thriller junkies; they volleyed chapters back and forth, each taking on a POV. “Each chapter is in direct response to the one before, and throwing potential twists at each other. That really was fun,” Wands says. Adds Keenan: “The aim to shock and surprise with each chapter was very motivating. We got a little aggressive.”

Blumhouse has acquired rights to the novel, planning to turn it into a major series. “We’re so curious to see who they choose to bring to life these characters that we have lived with… for so long,” Wands says. When you finish The Woman Inside, chances are you will be too.

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