Just when you thought you couldn’t love Costco anymore — Michelle Obama goes and stops by!

On Thursday’s episode of The Ellen Show, the former first lady made an impromptu trip to Costco where her new book Becoming just happens to be on sale. Not one to shy away from attention, DeGeneres was quick to announce Obama’s presence in the store, whipping out a megaphone and yelling, “We have Michelle Obama! Michelle Obama! She’ll be signing books!” as screaming shoppers flocked to meet them.

As avid fans lined up to have their copies of Becoming signed by the author, there was some confusion when the show’s host believed she could sign copies too. “Ellen, you can’t sign my book!” Obama told her, adding to a fan: “Now you have to make a choice; do you want an Ellen-signed Michelle Obama book or do you want a Michelle Obama-signed Michelle Obama book?” Degeneres responded by ripping pages out of the book and handing them out as free samples, before plucking a flask from a hollowed out copy and then embarrassing Obama by reading fake extracts from her book that were actually from a romance novel.

DeGeneres continued to derail Obama’s book signing, switching up her signature phrase, “when they go low, we go high” to “when we go low, we get high” and confusing the Former First Lady as she tried to spell fans’ names. Degeneres then produced a keyboard to serenade Obama with “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain,” before launching into another made-up song with the lyrics: “Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama wrote a book. She mentions Oprah [Winfrey] several times and me only once!”

Despite DeGeneres’ attempts to embarrass Obama, she made up for it by ending with the crowd chanting “We miss the Obamas.” Don’t we all.

Becoming is on sale now. Watch the video above.

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