By David Canfield
November 01, 2018 at 11:00 AM EDT
Courtesy Gary Janetti

Gary Janetti is ready to look inward.

The Instagram favorite, known for his hilarious Royal Family memes, and Emmy-nominated writer (Will and Grace, Family Guy) will publish a book of humorous autobiographical essays, EW can announce exclusively. Titled Do You Mind if I Cancel?, the collection explores everything from the humiliations of applying for a job to the excitement of young adulthood in New York to the singular experience of coming out.

“These are essays from my childhood and young adulthood about things that still annoy me,” Janetti says.

Publisher Flatiron Books teases that Do You Mind if I Cancel? should appeal to fans of David Sedaris and Mindy Kaling, which isn’t too surprising if you’re familiar with Janetti’s brand of humor. On Instagram, he’s amassed hundreds of thousands of followers through his satirical, biting sendups of the Royal Family, especially Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Janetti is married to his longtime partner, TV personality Brad Goreski.

Flatiron has also shared a short excerpt of the book, written by Janetti: “I’m not one of those people who goes on about how much better things used to be before the horrors of social media and modern technology. On the contrary, I wish there were more of it. I wish there were a way to slash at least another fifty percent of all human interaction. I wish to God I were a millennial. I’d be so good at it. Better than these shitty ones. I wouldn’t be wasting my time being offended by every little thing or promoting positive body images or getting involved in politics. I’d be avoiding people. I’d be working from home. I’d be watching TV on my laptop. They don’t know the nightmare it was to actually have to talk to people all the time. And we weren’t allowed to have social anxiety like you are now. Nobody even knew about it. I would have been in heaven if I could have suffered from anxiety.”

If that’s got you eager to read more, watch this space. Do You Mind if I Cancel will publish in fall 2019.

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