In the follow-up to her 'Cravings,' Chrissy Teigen's cooking skills get more refined' but the TV host still isn't above opening a can (or three!)
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Credit: Aaron Richter for EW

Chrissy Teigen created quite an act to follow with her beloved best-selling cookbook, Cravings, but that didn’t stop the author from going for it with a sequel: Cravings: Hungry for More. And we’re happy to report that the book lives up to its predecessor.

Featuring a mix of great recipes, hilarious asides (“Bring to a boil, reduce the heat to a very low simmer, cover…walk away for 40 minutes, and totally forget about the soup because your baby hit you on purpose for the first time”), and general wisdom, Hungry for More will satisfy any craving for a little more of that Teigen bite. We caught up with the author ahead of the book’s publication. Read on below, and purchase your copy here.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Your first cookbook, Cravings, was wildly popular. Did you feel pressure to re-create that success with Cravings: Hungry for More?
CHRISSY TEIGEN: Oh my God, it can only go downhill, right? John [Legend] said he has the same problem with his albums. The first one does really well and you wonder, “If I make changes, will it do as well?” I don’t want the book to be more of the same. I want it to stand out as having clearly different themes, like I traveled more or got more refined in my techniques.

Credit: Clarkson Potter

Is there a favorite food or drink that got you through the book-writing process?
I usually make all the recipes first, and I’m just tasting my own food all day. Honestly, by the end of it, I can’t even tell if something’s too salty anymore. During the actual writing process, I definitely have a glass of wine. [My recipes] always have a story. And I feel that telling stories always deserves a glass of wine.

Did your daughter, Luna, have any input on the book?
Her favorite recipe is the Thai Soy-Garlic Fried Ribs. The picture in the book where she’s eating one, I think that was her ninth rib or something! It was all over her face. It makes me so happy because there’s this little kid loving these fried chunks of bitter black garlic on these soy sauce ribs, and it’s her favorite thing on the planet. So she is very much her mother’s daughter. Forget cakes or desserts or cookies; she’d much rather have, like, a second go at pasta.

Did you have any kitchen disasters along the way?
Aside from having to make [Twitter’s (and Uncle Mike’s) Banana Bread] 16 times in one month? It drove me crazy. It would rip out of the pan, or it would be too dark, or I’d try to take out the coconut because people have a weird aversion to coconut. I will say, I have not had banana bread in a long time. People will bring it to my photo shoots now, but I don’t really love it.